System Integration Solutions

Audio/Video Conferencing

The migration to ‘Soft Codecs’ – like Skype, Videxio, Web-Ex - with non-hardware specific requirements is fast becoming the norm. ISSG has extensive experience in this area with major corporations and government institutions. We are happy to help you navigate this emerging branch of communication.




Formerly just a buzzword, ‘Collaboration’ has quickly become a reality for most of our clients. Huddle Spaces, Touch Screens, Interactivity, Teamwork. All are concepts ready for your team to put to use immediately with product that will work for you.

Display Systems/Videowalls

Although Laser Projectors and ever-larger LCD monitors are now industry mainstays, Direct View LED video wall technology has become a leading display choice due to its ability to deliver seamless images, scale to any size or shape, and provide excellent optical characteristics. Large format display is no longer bound by lighting or its environment.


Display Signage


Everyone has a message to get out. It has never been easier or more impactful than with the new generation of Signage Players and non-standard format displays. We can help you put together a system that will command and hold your customer’s attention.

Sound Systems

Churches, Auditoriums, Conference Centers, we have designed systems to provide intelligibility in some of the most difficult environments. Line array speakers, beamforming microphones, digital signal processors, all are products you should be considering for your new sound system. Our designers can determine what is right for you.


Sound Masking/Acoustical Treatments


Speech Privacy, Productivity, Workplace Satisfaction, Personal and Company Security. These should be concerns of all companies. Utilizing Sound Masking and/or Acoustical Treatments to address all of these concerns, and more, is now commonplace among companies of all sizes. Request a quote today from one of our experts.