Fête de Noël Ice Rink

Paristown, KY

Experience the enchantment of Christmas in Paristown, brought to life with support from Axxis! Each year, we join forces to create a winter wonderland that delights visitors of all ages. From the breathtaking REAL ice skating rink to the bustling holiday market, this six-week event promises an abundance of joy and excitement for everyone. Axxis not only takes charge of the complete installation of the skating rink, but we also oversee the day-to-day operations and nightly entertainment, ensuring a seamless experience for all. This holiday extravaganza demands an "all hands on deck" approach to guarantee its resounding success; year after year, Axxis rises to the occasion, delivering unforgettable moments that keep the holiday spirit alive. Join us as we continue to bring the magic of Christmas to Paristown, and let Axxis be your guiding star throughout this extraordinary celebration!