2022 Kentucky State Fair – Trace Adkins Concert

Texas Roadhouse Concert Stage - Louisville, KY

Experience the embodiment of summer vibes at the Kentucky State Fair! Axxis took the stage, providing exceptional concert audio and lighting for the Texas Roadhouse State Fair Concert Series. A lineup of 26 sensational acts graced the stage at the KY Expo Center, coming together to deliver an unforgettable summer of music. Among the incredible performers, country music legend and crowd favorite Trace Adkins undoubtedly stole the show, exciting the crowd into a frenzy of applause and cheers that resonated throughout the venue. The electrifying atmosphere infused both the stage and the audience, amplified by the awe-inspiring lightshow and impressive audio system provided by Axxis. For decades, Axxis has continued to captivate hometown audiences, creating irreplaceable summer memories through the power of music.