I’ve been producing and coordinating events for 22 years and will no longer use any production company other than AXXIS for my large scale events. Although it’s often more cost effective to use in-house or local AV companies, you’re never sure of the quality of service you’ll receive. When the success of my events relies so heavily on production, I’m not willing to take a chance on the unknown. With AXXIS on-site, I don’t worry about the production elements and can focus my attention on other aspects of the event.

From the sales process, to the set and design phase and throughout the execution of the event, I’ve been working with the same team of professionals for years. There’s such a level of comfort when you work with people that know your shows. They know the look I’m trying to achieve, my budget, what to expect on-site, etc. They are extremely responsive and approach a 10 person meeting with the same attention to detail as a General Session for 1,000. I just can’t say enough good things.