I just wanted to thank you for your help related to the Abby Road on the River Fest last weekend. Axxis did a great job at all of the venues that UnionJack performed at. Friday at the Pier, then Saturday twice in the Potomac and once at the Riverview, we were very well taken care of!!!

We had 14 Guest performers joining us at various points in the show, two of these were complete Band guests where all five musicians changed. They [Axxis] were flawless! Every change went like clockwork, and there were no sound issues whatsover! That was incredible!!

We had Hal Bruce, Andy Forgie of AYNIL [All You Need is Love], and Misty and Jeff Perholz, all headliner type acts, and they were all impressed with the organization and production for this difficult show! Andy told me it was the best show he's been to at AROTR! Please pass along our thanks to all of the Axxis personnel! Thank You for making us sound great all weekend long!