Walmart Health and Wellness Conference

Project Overview
  • Case Study
    • LED Wall
    • Sound

"Value on a budget” was not only the client’s philosophy for its nationwide chain of stores, but also what they wanted for a corporate meeting at its hometown headquarters.

Along with a “strict budget,” Axxis was handed two objectives to make the meeting happen: “Not too over the top, but step up the production.”

How to reconcile those two seemly unrelated goals? After discussions, all eyes turned to one solution for the set: Video.

The set design consisted of video screens of varying sizes and purposes to engage interest. An 18x32-foot screen was the primary screen for playback. Two horizontal screens flanked each side - but were positioned vertically and required content to be specially created. Axxis created power point slides using content shared by the retailer and the meeting’s presenters. Two additional 12x16-foot screens were placed on the right and left sides of the stage for live image magnification (IMAG).

To convey the main message of the meeting - which focused on customer service and company values - Axxis produced a custom video with anecdotal stories. These real-life company images - such as store personnel on the job talking about their services and helping customers and families - brought warmth to the numbers and to the overall meeting environment.

Axxis also developed and produced the show theme and logo, then further produced the logo into a motion graphics package.

The front of the 36x30-foot stage actually sloped into the audience, designed to convey that there were no barriers between presenters onstage and employees in the audience. The sloping edge concept went away from the traditional stage design and created lots of audience interaction, as requested by the client.

Chris Gilbert, of the retail giant’s shows/events department, recognizes the value of the Axxis team. “We’ve worked with the Axxis team for many years, dating back to my first show in spring 2003. (They may have worked with our company before then, but that’s when I became familiar with Axxis). We have a habit of changing things at the last minute, and Axxis has the ability to grab that change with both hands and make it happen and that is what really sets them apart.”