Kalightoscope Christmas Spectacular

Project Overview
  • Case Study
    • Professional Decking
    • Sound
    • Lentren Display

Be careful what you ask for! Our client wanted us to create an environment for a three-month-long display of Christmas inspired lanterns crafted on site by Chinese artisans. Our job was to deliver a structure that was 80’ x 180’. They needed 26 ft of trim from the floor to the bottom cord of the truss structure, a level floor throughout, hundreds of power drops with no exposed cords, heating throughout the structure, and no condensation inside the structure. Not to mention: A required wind rating of 125 miles per hour while hanging 40,000 lbs off an all black trussing grid that would be supported by the structure.

We also were asked to distribute audio and lighting throughout the event.

This is one where a picture is worth a thousand words!

Bottom line, we delivered everything our client wanted. We now own a portable airline hanger along with15,000 square feet of professional decking. The decking and an inside liner (black) were key to the condensation challenge. We created a 2ft crawl space with the decking where we ran duct for the heating and electricity to power each lantern display.