Humana National Sales Meeting

Project Overview
  • Case Study
    • Fabricating metallic appliques for theatrical stage flats
    • Attaching Plasma Screens
    • Sound

24 was not only an award-winning TV show, but also the award-winning theme of Humana’s national sales meeting in Louisville, KY.

The television show, 24, was at the height of popularity at the time. During one of Humana’s brain-storming sessions regarding the meeting, someone brought up that the flow of their Spring Summit, (3) 8-hour days, fit nicely with the idea of 24. The theme "Humana24" was born.

The meeting was meant to motivate and educate the executive sales team. The challenge in aligning the meeting with the show ‘24’ was to create an environment with an intense, aggressive feel within a set budget.

The Axxis team collaborated with Humana’s creative team on the project and came up with a design that incorporated a high energy and industrial feel to keep the sales team interested and engaged.

To realize this exciting design, Axxis customized an industrial set – fabricating metallic appliques for theatrical stage flats, attaching plasma screens onto the metal trussing, and focusing on video for the main elements. The center screen became an “office window,” displaying a projection of the Louisville skyline as it would appear in daytime for the general sessions and nighttime for the evening reception.

As is typical with corporate events, last-minute inspiration from the client can bring on challenges. In this case, the solution was easy. During the event, the client came up with an idea for an “interactive” phone call to happen within a skit. Axxis’ audio engineer quickly acquired a telephone ringer sound effect online and loaded it onto an instant replay hard drive for random access so that it could be triggered at the appropriate time during the session.

Soon after this event, Humana called upon Axxis to produce a series of over 20 shows nationally. Three years later Axxis continues to produce these meetings.