2014 Conklin National Convention

Project Overview
  • Case Study
    • Lighting
    • Sound
    • Video
    • Scenic Design & Build
    • Motion Graphics & Video

How Do You Top a 20’ Turntable

Every year the Axxis design team is faced with a handful of challenges: creativity, relevancy, and creating cutting edge designs to fit specific budgets (to name a few!). After producing a 20’ turntable paired with a high-resolution curved video wall in 2013, Axxis was asked to come up with an equally impressive design at a lower budget for the 2014 Conklin National Convention. Here is how we responded to the challenge:

As the elements of this design began to fall in place, it was easy to see that this design achieved many different things. One of our favorite obsessions: little to no black pipe and drape. Even with just a bit of pipe and drape - this set is expansive. From anywhere in the room, you are drawn to activity on the stage because the set is engaging - not overwhelming.

Another feature of this design is its versatility. For the 2014 Conklin Nation Convention, the general session room was used for keynote presentations, an elegant dinner, an awards ceremony, and a live music concert with multiple bands and artists. Utilizing a high-resolution video wall and LED lighting that can create 216 different color combinations, this set complimented each of the different moments during the event.

Finally: A sleek and clean design. Much detail went into ensuring a flawless scenic look. When you look at the panels of this set, you might think that they are LED panels, when in fact they are being lit from above and below by LED wash lights. This set is a lighting designers dream as it takes light extremely well. The panels are bright but not harsh, and evenly lit with just a handful of lights. Every lighting fixture and cable is dressed or has been covered by some sort of bent metal or fabric. No light source or cable is seen from the audience. It is details like this that we feel takes a production value to the next level (and we hope you agree!).

So how DO you top a 20' turntable? Value. Engaging Design. Versatility. Elevated Production Value.

How do you top that? 2015 will tell…