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10mm and 20mm pitch

The EC Series is a family of LED video panels that is brighter, lighter, and faster! Built to the highest standards, the EC Series is designed for those who place value on solid, dependable performance and superior image quality.

By combining the image quality and precision of conventional high resolution screens with the creativity and low
weight of mesh type screens, the EC Series provides new design possibilities for all manner of indoor and outdoor

Using high efficiency Nichia LEDs, the EC Series offers visual performance at the highest level. Pinpoint 48-bit color processing ensures uncompromising color depth at any brightness setting.

Each pixel is color and brightness
calibrated for maximum color and brightness uniformity.  This ensures consistency from pixel to pixel and panel to panel.

This superior uniformity not only
makes for an improved image quality but also means that no “bins” or “batches” need be considered when adding more panels to inventory.

As each LED module (48 LEDs for the EC-20 and 192 LEDs for the EC-10) is fully self-contained in terms of calibration data, swapping out an LED module for service purposes will not void the calibration of the panel.

High brightness - High refresh rates

The EC-20 and EC-10 both feature a brightness that is beyond sufficient for any indoor use and bright enough for virtually any outdoor application.

The EC Series operates completely flicker free thanks to high LED refresh rates that are 3-8 times higher than other screens.

Semi-transparent and more

The EC-20 panels are transparent and allow both light and effects to pass through. Audio, smoke, and air also glide by -  creating increased possibilities for multi-layered looks. Dim the panels and they seem to disappear, revealing objects or performers placed upstage.

The EC-10 panels are non-transparent and create an
image with maximum contrast.

Mix and match EC 10 and EC 20.

The EC-20 and EC-10 panels are fully compatible:

  • mechanical construction (including interconnection of panels)
  • color points
  • power distribution
  • signal/data interface
  • processing
  • alignment
This allows both types of panels to be mixed within one screen. Just think of the creative possibilities…
No need for separate processing, scaling, data-distribution or cabling; just mix and match the panels and the P3 system controller does the rest.

Semi-transparent -- 40mm pitch

The LC Series panels are 60% transparent and again allow light and effects along with audio, smoke, and air  to pass through; creating increased possibilities for multi-layered looks. Dim the panels and they too seem to disappear, revealing objects or performers placed upstage.

The LC 40 mm pixel pitch is small enough for clear images at a distance and vivid graphics up close, and allows for a high level of transparency and a low weight. Image quality is significantly better than typical low resolution LED screens and the LC series is considerably less costly than higher resolution screens.

The LC features a very wide 100° horizontal viewing angle, which covers not only the front but also the sides (where viewers tend to miss out). The P3 system controller is the processor, so creative and display LED are compatible. 


Axxis is a great company to work with. They entire staff is truly customer focused. They are interested in ensuring that they provide you an outstanding production. The staff is very professional and are able to work through problems and issues throughout contract period. I would highly recommend Axxis for any production that requires technical expertise, exceptional customer service, and great results.