At the heart of its business: men and 24-foot silver steel trucks, unadorned but for their simple black logo of "Two Men and a Truck". The national moving company wanted its franchise sales meetings to reflect its brand.

The Axxis design team was put in charge of creating the look for four days of franchise sales meetings, ending with a festive evening dinner party.

The core demographic of the meetings was male, so a more masculine look was conceived in our design. We used steel wall panels and silver truss with lots of reflective surfaces. The business meetings were generally static in their design, with projections of the “Two Men and a Truck” logo without color.

For the final evening, however, all of the silver surfaces instantly became a palette for a multitude of colors projected from moving lights. The room that formerly featured general sessions with rows of chairs now hosted an onstage band and round dining tables.

Sue McIntosh, brand compliance manager for Two Men and A Truck, says they were happy with the Axxis team. “AV is a major part of any meeting and something always doesn’t go as planned. Axxis had a seamless solution for all glitches we had right down to having a sound track for the official bugler that didn’t make our opening session. They also found the replacement bugler”.

“We were so impressed with Axxis that we are using them again for our next meeting. I can say for our entire staff that they made our meeting the smoothest ever and were a dream to work with,” McIntosh adds. “I would definitely recommend Axxis to other planners.”