In 2010 Matthew West came out with a record called The Story of Your Life. Matthew asked his friends to send the story of their life so he could write songs about people's lives. He spent 3 months in a cabin reading over 10,000 stories and writing songs. Based on that experience we toured 85 cities with a cabin theme. Axxis was the primary audio, lighting and video supplier.

Today we have received over 20,000 stories and just came out with a new record called Into the Light. Fall of 2012 the Into the Light Tour hit 34 cities with 2 tour buses, 1 van and 30 people. Axxis was able to provide production to fit into 2 x 16' trailers behind the 2 buses which also hauled back-line and merch for 4 bands. The strategy of the design kept the crew to a minimum with a tour manager, audio tech, LD, LED Tech and GTR Tech.

Over and over we heard from so many people that this was not just a show, it was an experience. Every single promoter said this is one of the best shows they have ever seen. Over 30 video's were produced to add to the journey people took to experience songs and the stories behind these songs.

The list of equipment includes 1 x Avid Profile, 20 x Meyer M1D Tops, 4 x M1D Subs, 4 x L Acoustic Subs, 20' wide x 7' tall 15mm LED wall, 8 x Martin 301's, 6 x Martin 250 Entour's, 10 x JRAG's and 30 x LED Pars.

A note from the Matthew West Team:
The quality, durability and design of the equipment made all the difference in the world to make a tour like this a success. The one stop shop and team to execute quickly made these tours very smooth. Thank you for everything you do Axxis!