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No More Black Drape

Ten years ago, we stuck up our noses and placed a ban on spandex in our scenic designs.  

Spandex was everywhere and in every production company’s designs... including ours.  The spandex was fairly ubiquitous in design and shape. Almost always it was either three star-like shapes or several hour-glass shapes, all as backdrops.  Add some colored voila!...a scenic design.

Some continue to do this today.  

Well, we've embraced spandex again - but now call it "tension fabric" to combat the hypocrisy. We've invested in some very cool updated scenic elements using tension fabric, back lit Plexiglas steps and columns - along with hard surfaced flats and screen surrounds.  

The investment was substantial but the design options are proving to be worth the expense and effort.  The result is a clean and crisp set design that really establishes the environment we are trying to create.  

It’s all for a good cause.

We have a current mission to get rid of black drape in our scenic design wherever we can. 

Stand by on stuck up noses.

Here are a few examples:

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