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Light Up Louisville and 40 Nights of Lights Take 2

Setting up and running an outdoor 40-night Christmas light show is not a warm - or pretty -  task.

Somewhere about day 5 of the installation, you start questioning your judgment in taking on this difficult of a project. 10 days into the production (especially when hit with single digit temps) you vow to never to do this again.
But in the end - when a group of kids start dancing to the animated light display programmed to Christmas music on a concert sound system – it is all worth it.  And, when they come up to you and say “thank you”, “we had such a great night” and “it was awesome!” - you know you have to do even more next year.

It's now late January and we are about ready to start planning this year.  We hope to see you the Friday after Thanksgiving for Light Up Louisville.  And, we hope you make it to downtown Louisville to see what we add this year.  Frankly, now that we’ve thawed out - we’re starting to get curious too.  

Here is a video and some pictures below.

40 Nights of Lights 2013 comp from Courtney Powell on Vimeo.

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