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Have Jumbotron, Will Travel

The centerpiece of the Lantech booth at PACK EXPO International 2012 is the Axxis LED Video Display Wall.  Of course, we all know that PACK EXPO is the largest, most comprehensive processing and packaging event in the world.  Right?  Yep, we do now!  Axxis helped Lantech with Lighting and Audio for this years booth along with our attention-getting LED Video Wall.  The Axxis creative team also developed a custom motion graphic package for display on the video wall.  Live demos will be featured during the trade show to further exploit this amazing video display.  We kind of feel bad for all the other booths at the EXPO.  

Lantech is a Louisville, KY based company that makes some pretty cool packaging machines for industry.  We really don’t know exactly what they do...we just know they have great taste in AV production companies.

Load in is almost done!  We will post again with some more photos of the competed booth.

Check out the videos in the “our work” section of this website for the posting of the videos we developed for Lantech.  The machines they make really are very cool...check them out in the videos.

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