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Cocktail Napkin Design at 30,000 feet

Cocktail Napkin Design at 30,000 feet

Flying back from Tampa on December 7th...we were inspired by a conversation two nights earlier with a Tampa-based client of ours.  Their directive was to “push our design envelope”.  
At 30,000 feet inspiration hit.
Circles were everywhere - the ring of coffee on the back of the in-flight cocktail napkin, the semi-circle of the device that holds up the food tray, the air vent above…  The coffee stain turned into 20ft turntable doodle (of course) – a perfect reveal for a band on closing night or a possibly a huge reveal to begin the finale for an amazing event.  And, if we put a LED wall on the turntable and curved it...well that might answer the desire for a more technological look for this leading edge tech company. Now, what if we flanked the turntable with more LED (yes!) and put it on traveler track (why not) to have even more reveal and endless interesting walk on opportunities?  
Then we realized that we had another customer that this design would be perfect for at their annual national sales meeting.  But this meeting was less than two months away and we already had an approved design and budget!  

So, we got off the plane and pulled the entire team together on that same day at 4pm to see if we could pull this design together in time.  We would have to work over the Christmas and New Year holiday to pull this off with all the engineering and research.  We’re quite sure that everyone wanted to stick around for a last-minute 3 hour “inspired by coffee rings on a beverage napkin” meeting on a Friday. Even so, the team agreed that we wanted to take this project on. Team buy in was only step one.   We penciled out a budget and with no time to waste, contacted our client and pitched the idea.  (Nervously, we might add.)  Their excitement matched ours and on that next day (Saturday!) - they agreed to the new design and budget.  

The result is captured on these videos.  We are now working on modifications of the design for other clients including the inspiration behind the design...our Tampa based client. 

For the record, we never showed the team that napkin...we drew the idea on a flip chart in the conference room.  After all, we couldn’t bring home the interior cabin of the plane either…

conklin band reveal from Courtney Powell on Vimeo.

conklin grand reveal from Courtney Powell on Vimeo.

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