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Built a what? Over a What? 2 of them? By when?

Sure, we can do that!  When asked if we could build 2 stages over MACK Truck chassis for a trade show in just 10 days, we said....sure.  When asked how we would accomplish this, we replied, "Well, were not sure yet.  Let us get back to you".  24 hours later we had two solutions to accomplish the task.  After working out all the engineering and designing the support structures for the 2  stages, we were inspired by another option and presented the new option too.  Below is the final result based on the 3rd option.  One stage supported a band and the other stage was used as a platform for 2 tattoo artists hired to ink-up attendees with MACK inspired tattoos. We also did remote PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras, large LED video wall, wireless camera, and the audio for the band. 

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