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Axxis adds 4 Sony D50 widescreen cameras to inventory.

Axxis has added 4 Sony D50 broadcast cameras to it’s professional line of video equipment inventory.  The addition of these cameras allows Axxis to provide IMAG in a 16:9 format or a 3:4 format in the same broadcast quality camera.  “Many of our customers really don’t want to contend with the issues that come with HD cameras but they do want the HD playback for pre-produced videos that were filmed in HD” said, Stewart Davis, VP of Production for Axxis.  As always, the display of pre-produced content developed in an HD format is achieved via an HD backbone of switching and projection.  The addition of 16:9 cameras now allows a consistent display platform throughout the event versus revolving from 3:4 for IMAG an 16:9 of content in a live event environment.  
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