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Axxis adds 30 Stagemaker ½ ton chain hoists to inventory

AXXIS, Inc, Louisville, KY  recently added 30 Stagemaker ½ ton chain hoists to the inventory.  As this acquisition took their hoist inventory past the one hundred unit mark, a decision was made to tailor a portion of the package with the company’s hotel clients in mind.  Part of that decision was to have hoists with only 40’  of lift, rather than their standard of 60’, and to package them in single hoist road cases.  A single hoist case is more expensive than half of a double case but it allows for a hoist to be placed at each rig point without either waiting for a first hoist to be raised from a double case or having to drag oily chain across client carpet.  Additionally, the single cases are more flexible in the truck pack and are more easily handled by the technical crew.  

Here is a great video about the Stagemaker Concert Hoist & the Galt House KaLightoscope Display:

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