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678.00 dollars

After 10 years of struggling each time we set up our Applied tower roof system...we finally put on our big-boy pants and purchased a Thomas Roof System just in time for its use on Light Up Louisville 2013.  The Thomas towers are 15’ so we get over 30' of trim.  We now can self-support our LED video wall off the downstage trussing.  Our current configuration is at 30' X 30" but we have plans for both a smaller roof and a larger roof as the need arises.  As you can see in the picture, the structure is beefy enough to hang a fair amount of PA without the addition of PA wings. Yes, we said “beefy”.

As part of this graduation, we purchased new understructures for our newest decking. The new understructure speeds up the install tremendously and lets us go from 4’ to 6’ in stage height.  We already have structure to take us below 4’ down to 2’.  Steps and railings were also purchased for the decking.  Looks like we’re set for another decade or so. Or are we?

Oh yea...the $678...that was just to make sure that no one else ever has to set that old tower system up again.  As of yesterday - scrap aluminum is $.54 a pound.  

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