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Project Overview
  • Case Study
    • Sound
    • Lighting
    • LED Wall

It was the hottest ticket in town, the “event of the year”. Sold out wall to wall. There was no room left on the floor. So the pre-show entertainment had to go... hang from the ceiling.

The Best Dressed of Louisville fashion show is The Voice-Tribune’s annual charity fundraiser for the non-profit Dressed For Success organization. In charge of this year’s fashion runway was Bittners, an interior design and furnishings firm. Bittners CEO Douglas Riddle sought help from Axxis Inc. in making the event “cosmopolitan, upscale, sleek and dark” - the opposite of last year’s color palette.

And that’s when things looked up. Or should we say the Axxis design team looked “up” to aerial artists to pull off the entertainment portion of the evening and set the tone for the entire event. Axxis lighting designers used lighting fixtures to project images of city skylines on the walls, adding a cosmopolitan feel to the environment.

No detail was spared carrying out the thematic presentation. Discussions centered on a shiny black floor, particular chair covers, and the lounge look of the room.

With no floor space for a camera riser, the IMAG situation was solved with two hand-held cameras projecting live images from various angles of the runway. The Axxis stage manager controlled the flow of the show - not only in the planning during pre-show, but also literally on a headset at the side of the runway calling cues for the models, music and mood lighting. Pace played a big role - not only for the runway but for the audience’s entertainment and Axxis got to guide and steer the evening.

Bittners’ Douglas Riddle, who has worked with top names in fashion, says Axxis visually and stylistically “transported” the event’s attendees from the Louisville hotel ballroom to a virtual major fashion mecca. It was exactly what he had in mind. Riddle continued, “The event was a huge success, very well received, and everyone was complimentary about it afterward. We’re lucky to have Axxis here.”